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Is your network system at Office blocking some websites? You might be aware, one best way is, to use Proxy. But your network system still does not allow you log on a proxy site. Isn’t that the case? Still you can break it..

Here is the solution :

All you need to do is to use some unknown or not popular proxy sites.

Just visit any of these proxy sites and type in the URL that you wish to visit.

Myself as working in a corporate company, my internet admin system does not block me to browse these proxy sites.

You can browse any blocked websites like Gmail, YouTube etc

Note: Please do not log in to Facebook through these proxy sites. Actually what happens is,  these proxy servers will be located at somewhere in US or other part of country. Whenever you login to your facebook account, the facebook system assumes that,  “you are logging in from US, being from India or your country, it is very rare to login from US. So your account might be hacked.” So facebook will lock your account temporarily. Still you can unblock it later.


How does this proxy works?

Ok, now lets get into the technical part. Proxy is like a virtual computer that takes your request and gets response from your destination server you type (like and pass the data to your computer. So as per your network system, you are connecting with some website which it does not recognize. But at back end, you are accessing blocked websites..!! Isn’t it great?

What you feel, please drop in comments.. Love to hear from you..


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