Recover lost data from Memory Card or Hard drive

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Recovering lost data is possible if your system can still detect your hard drive or memory card! I show you how to retrieve your lost data using a free utility.

Many people accidentally delete important data and usually, most of them do not know how to retrieve it. There are free utilities available online that can help you rescue your data to a certain extent. We will explain to you how you can recover accidentally deleted or lost data in just four simple steps using a free utility Raid2Raid that can be downloaded from

Raid2Raid is a powerful utility that not only recovers deleted files, but also reads data from RAID volumes when hard drives in RAID are relocated from one computer to another. Here are four simple steps to recover files from hard drives, fl ash drives or memory cards.

To recover the data from a medium, it needs to be connected and detected by the computer and the primary hard drive where the recovered data will be stored should be larger than the capacity of the data to be rescued. You can also create an image of the hard drive, particular volume or partition for future analysis. This image is a mirror image of the drive and will be saved as a single file on your hard drive. You can later mount the image and recover more files. The physical hard drive can later be formatted and put to use again.


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  1. Sometimes back, my hard drive has been physically damgead and i lost all my data. Then i search on internet and found Stellar data recovery services, before using their services, i just checked the review of the company which gave me satisfaction that my data goes to safe hand. They has experts who can recover my data from all possible conditions.

    • unfortunately for me it didn’t find the reclcye bin. I mean, if the reclcye bin is a file name like here as blocklist.xml the scanner didn’t find it. Can anyone help me please. I’ve lost my reclcye bin and I don’t know how to locate it. Where is it really located?

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