What is Exploit, Vulnerability, Zero-Day Attack and Daisy Chaining

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Exploit, Vulnerability, Zero-Day attack, Daisy Chaining are common terms among information security professionals. Many average techy people often confuse among them. Let’s explore what does it mean by exactly.

Exploit :

It is a defined way to breach the security of a System through vulnerability. In simple words, it is a way break an application through a weakness or loop hole and use it in a way you want.

Vulnerability :

It is an existence of a weakness, design or implementation error that can lead to an unexpected and undesirable event compromising the security of a system.

Zero-Day Attack :

An attack that exploits vulnerability of an application before it is publicly available and the developer releases a patch for that. We have read news of many zero day bugs in Java, Adobe etc few months back.

Daisy Chaining :

Hackers who get away with database theft usually complete their task, then backtrack to cover their tracks by destroying logs etc. It is like a thief who steals some valuable thing and destroys all the signs of  his tracks.


Well hope, next time you use the right words what you mean to say exactly.


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