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Some days ago I had written how to browse blocked websites from your college/company. The primary idea is to use web-proxies, which acts like a browser of browsing a blocked websites. But the problem is your network administrator would have already blocked thousands of those proxy sites. The key point in the whole article was, to use a un known or not much popular proxy site, which your network admin is not aware of. Unfortunately, as days pass on, I’m sure that he’ll come to know about those site and he’ll block you to access those proxy websites. Don’t worry. I show how to unblock this and get brand new proxies.

The proxy site I showed on my old article on unblocking blocked sites might have blocked by your administrator by this time. Here I show you how you can get new proxies without any hard Google searches.

Proxy Lists :

There are many sites which gives you proies available on net for you, that too for free. Popular of them are –

These sites have lists of more than 1,500 proxies and they keep on updating new new proxies.

I’m damn sure that you will never be able access these above URLs as you net-admin has already blcoked this. Good if your brain thought what I’m trying to say next. Just access these URLs from your mobile or public systems and get proxies.

If you can not or do not want access these public proxy-lists, here is one more trick :

Get proxy lists by email :

DynaWeb sends you the latest available proxies by email!!

All you need to do is send a blank email to, and withing few minutes you will get reply containing the IP addresses of some of their latest most current web proxy servers. As simple as that!

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