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Password is the most critical thing that you need to take care about, when you have online tech-life. It depends on what characters you keep as your secret string. If you keep your login credential strings, simple and easily guessable, I’m sure that you are in big trouble. Make sure that, you choose right password in the registration itself or change them today, if you have a weak one. Here is the guide.

Using Leet language


Leet (Also called as 1337 or Elite) is a hackers language. There is nothing special in that. It just coding English letter to numbers or special character or combinations of them. Have a look at the below chart. You need not to learn them all. Just observe.

The codes marked in red color, are generally used ones.

So, as per the idea, you can encode a to 4 or @, C to C, Z to 2 and so on.

 Learn some of the letters from the chart or create your own style. Now use this trick to convert your favorite, easy to remember password string to Leet language string.

For example,
this is my password → 7#15 15 my p@55w0rd
sweet heart →5w337 #@r7.

Safety Check list to choose a password

There is no best the passwords. But you can choose better characters. Even though you use some mechanism to code your secret string, still it is possible to trace it out. I suggest following points for safer side.

      • Don’t use your name, your Sweet Heart’s name, close friend or family member’s names in your login credential string.
      • Don’t use your mobile number.
      • Use combinations of numbers, characters and special characters as they are very hard to decode to break your account.
      • You can use password-managers. But make sure that, you use a genuine one.


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