How Computer Virus began?

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Have you faced problem by Viruses? Have you ever thought how these virus come to exist? Here is small note on how these malicious (sometimes useful) concept entered the tech world.

The Elk cloner  is identified as the first personal computer virus which is appeared in 1981 in the apple doc environment Systems. In fact , it is the gaming program. This program is first created by the student name  Richard Screnta. This program was causing the system at 50th level of game.

After 1985 , many private software companies created the virus to secure the privacy of their own software . However the unauthorized user use their software without paying. Those programs are automatically converted to viruses. Finally these viruses were identified by IBM in 1986 .


Before the development of internet most viruses were spreading through Floppy Disks since it was the most commonly used data transferring device in previous times. The powerful virus names Trojan Horse has detected in 1990. At that time, personal computers were widely used. Another type of viruses called as Macro Viruses which were affected to Microsoft excel spread sheets. To get rid of these viruses only the option was to exchange operating Systems (OS). Even through the MS-office outlook e-mail , these viruses were spread. Another funny thing about these viruses were sending the links and files to the each and every address in outlook list automatically without human interaction . Even now also these viruses giving the problem to the users of the older version windows OS.

Over a period of time, in 2005 Cross Time Scripting Viruses were created. These viruses had given the problem to Myspace and Yahoo sites . Even now also these viruses have the name in online crime list and Spy I Trojan is also more popular virus for hackers which help them to steal the online banking information . The account holder who login into their a/c without using virtual keyboards was easy to stole the secured data. Mainly these viruses are distributed using File Network System. It is very difficult to remove these viruses using traditional antivirus technologies. The company name “SOFTWIN” based on Romania has developed the antivirus Bit Defender to remove these viruses.

So far Bit Defender has been detected more than 10 strong new viruses . Among those Exploit Exe is the most dangerous one. It contains the 3KB (3072 bytes exactly) of size. Most of the time , it is found in Microsoft win OS.

Bit Defender recognized Win 32 KSYS and Backdore . These worms are dispersed through instant messaging and USB drives . The PC which is affected by these viruses , automatically copy the folders/directories and randomly they removed from the system.

Recently Bit Defender has detected another mobile virus . This time it was in the Android based Smart Phones . It caused the many problems in Smart phones also.


Sharing the information is my hobby if you like my small information please do comment . I am always ready to bear the comments both positively and negatively.

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    • of course there are more comlpex viruses that can prevent a system restore .many of them wipe out you’re system restore points so you cannot use them to do like you did and use them to restore to a previous state

    • Unfortunately, no. There is even some malware that can hide in your computer’s hardware (ROMs and hard drive, mainly) and so survive even a full System Recovery.On the other hand, System Recoveries aren’t always necessary. Much malware is still amenable to conventional cleaning methods. A System Recovery, however, is a quick way for a technician to get the job done and move on. It’s getting more and more difficult to do a good clean up, and time is money. You wouldn’t want to pay for a tech to sit there for eight hours or more trying to find the right combination of steps to get rid of a brand new virus the main anti-malware companies are still working on the cure for.But there is a way to get your files to survive a System Recovery, although you may have to jump through a few hoops to regain access to them afterward. A good tech should know how to do both for you. You’ll still have to reinstall all your software. In fact, because the software files will also be saved, you’ll probably have to reinstall it, UNINSTALL it to get rid of loose ends, then reinstall it a second time.Hope that helps.

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