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Many people works there own these days. As number of freelancers got increased, it is hard to get projects. Every month, thousands of people stops working for other company and starts working on their own, even many of them starts a company..!!  The market is challenging. If you want to survive, you need to be very very special, consistent and different from others. Here is a brief guide on getting IT projects :

Ways to Projects

Use Google Adwords

Start advertising on Google advertising program. Google’s biggest product is Adsence. It is that much popular because it works and gives you sales. Don’t set the advertising budget to higher CTC. Set for 0.1 or with 1. You ads may not be displayed on Google search pages. But there are lakhs of blogs or start up websites, whose CTC is low. Your ad will appear there.

Use Social Networks

By spending time on facebook, Google+ or Linked in, you can attract new clients. Create your business page and keep updating. Your friends or friends of friends will be keep watching them and your business will be promoted naturally by them.

Use Email marketing

Start collecting email ids of business owners or someone who is doing some business, entrepreneurs and other people. Keep sending promotional emails once a week or twice a month. Never send tens of emails daily and sending promotion once in an year. Do not irritate them. You can easily collect emails on company websites, promotional brochures-pamphlets , their business pages on social networking sites. You can also buy email id database (if you prefer) from data sellers. I suggest you to collect on your own as you can trust your database 100% but not third party data.

Use bulk SMS for promotion

Have mobile number database. Keep sending Short messages to your future clients. Mobile number is easily reaches and most people keep checking their mobiles often than logging in to email account. You can easily find numbers on pamphlets , business directory websites like JustDial, googling or even some companies sells mobile numbers database for few pennies.

Offline Promotion

Offline promotion also brings you large sales. You can promote by passing your visiting card. Paste your pamphlets on roadside, trees, walls etc. One more important and effective way is – get up early in morning. Go out and find news paper guys who will be sitting on road side, circle and mixing supplementary papers with respective main paper. Give them some pamphlets with a little money and tell them to include your brochures on every paper. In this way your promotion reaches every home with little expense.


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