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Every one in their Tech-Lives, need to be smarter to win the tech battle. To reach places in your technical career, you must be good programming skills. No one is a born programmer. You have to improve your skill set. In this Tech World, you have lot more ways to improve your coding skills. Read here how..

Have a Tech Passion

Have a great passion on Technology. Have a fire to know any stuffs about tech as much as you can. Promise yourself to become a good techy. Set your favorite topic to “Tech”.

Solve Puzzles

One of best way to develop your coding skill is, to improve your logical skills. To have more logical skills, just spend your time on solving puzzles. Solve crosswords, number games, logical aptitude puzzles. There are lot of websites, offering aptitude questions or puzzles. is one of them. You can google yourself to get more sites. Start spending a few minutes daily on them. Play with it.

Develop an application on your Own

When you start thinking on creating an application (even a very small application), you will definitely learn a lot. So plan to start building an application using your favorite programming language. Start from scratch. Prepare a plan and start coding yourself. When stuck in somewhere, there will be Google to help you out always. Remember,

You are the best teacher for yourself.

Utilize Internet to develop Yourself

Internet is the best place to reach your dream. There are thousands of websites to help you in programming. One best website that I ever found is Register yourself on projecteuler and login. Then, you can see hundreds of programming problems to solve. You can use any programming language to solve them. Try. I’m sure you will have a fun.

Show up interest to others

Show your technical & coding interest to your friends, family member and others. I guarantee you, this tricks works very well. When someone who is close to you, understands your interest, they will start sharing every information about that with you. Even they help you acquire more knowledge in your favorite topics.

Read – Share – Discuss

Read newspapers, tech magazines like Chip, Digit or PC World. Share your thoughts some similar interested people around you. You can also discuss on some online coding related forums.

Never Give Up

It happens sometime when you are seriously programming something. But output is not what you were expecting. Even if you spend more than half an hour, you are not able fix it. In that case, get up from the chair, forget about application, take a small break. Have a cup of coffee, talk with someone or think on something else. Come back to you coding  and freshly start thinking on what went wrong. Now you will be able to fix it. This happened many times for me.

Well that’s it from my side. If you find this article useful, please share the link with others which may help in their tech-lives. Share your thoughts on comments.



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  1. Hey pavan , this is ur mate praveen ra , wt a nice article u have written , i am very inspiring of it.
    Actually i have been solving the puzzle hence forth i have to increase this activity…

    Keep writing this type of article V ll be ready to read ever.


  2. Thanks for your comment Praveen. Happy to know that, my article inspired you. It gives me more energy to come up with more and more articles. Thanks..
    I’ll be writing and I hope you guys are always there to read, suggest, comment, share the link and support me. :)

    • Whats up! That’s quite a nice post. I’m sure I’ll urge the software to make sure you our co-workers.People who pbiulsh extra blog posts if possible electronic mail it to all of us.

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