Installing Add Ons, Plugins & Themes to your Chrome in Office

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If you are working in an Corporate firm, you would probably experienced it. You can’t install any browser extensions, themes or applications you want in your favorite browser. Here is a way to by pass that restriction.

Things I’m assuming –

  • You are like me and your favorite browser is Google Chrome.
  • You are restricted to install any kind of browser plugin, theme or any application that reside in your chrome browser.
  • You have a personal computer at home (Or you can manage from cyber cafe or from your friend’s computer for couple of minutes), where you are NOT restricted to install anything on your browser.

Step 1 : At your Home or a computer with no restrictions.

  1. Login to your Chrome by your google account, if you haven’t already.
  2. Install the browser extension or theme you want on your restricted computer.

Step 2 : At  your Restricted Computer.

  • Login to your Chrome again.
  • Allow it for a minute or two.
  • Now your browser must be having all the extension, themes or anything you had on your earlier computer.


Proof :

I, myself work for an IT company and I use all my favourite extensions on my themed Chrome.

How it Works?

When you sign-in to your google account and allow it to sync, it will securely install all the components as seen on your logged-in browser.



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