How to browse safely from cyber cafes with a pen drive

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Do you go to cyber cafe or public systems? Then you need to take an extra precautions on being safe on internet. Haven’t you ever thought of mis-using your browsers cookies, unexpired sessions, browser history, typed email ids, usernames, mobile numbers etc by someone who uses the same system next to you once you leave that? Clearing browser data always is not handy. Here is a trick on securing your online tech life with an USB pen drive.

Surfing safe with Portable Browsers

What does Portable Browser mean?

Portable browser is nothing but a regular browser, which you can use that in any computer. Usually this browser software will be installed in an USB flash drive, so that you can plug-n-play anywhere you want.

How to get a portable browser?

Well, there are many ways. You can find portable browser for most of popular browsers such Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and other. Google for it.
You can also find download links at the bottom of this post.

How are Portable browsers safer?

  • All your browsing data such as Cookies, typed form data – usernames, email addresses, mobile numbers, saved passwords are stored in your own pen drive. Not on the cyber cafe computers.
  • You can continue browsing with your old session, if you have. For example, if you logged on to your gmail/facebook account from your portable browser, you can continue with your page without logging in again as your session  still resides alive in your flash drive.
  • All your favourite extensions, plugins, addons are still with you wherever you go. All you wanted is, keeping your drive with you.
  • Passwords saved on this type of browser is 100% safe unless you miss you pen-drive.

Disadvantages :

Of course it has got some cons.

  • You need to carry the drive everytime you want to use it.
  • Might be mis-used if you loose your drive.

But it is better option than blindly using browsers which are there in the public systems.

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